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        Anonymous said:
        What's a mook? and where can i buy one online because that bag is really cute


        Emiii - it’s a mix between a magazine and a book. Try eBay or Yahoo jp or amazon or mbok or a shopping service. But be aware that there are 3 other versions so be sure to buy the one you want for the bag you want. This most recent one was only released on 3/29 (i think) so an abundance of copies may not yet be readily available.

        Emiii - In an effort to be as helpful as possible…Anon (or anyone for that matter), if you’re still looking to purchase the Liz Lisa x My Melody mook, I recently found out that FULLMOON sells copies. I’ve personally bought from this seller in the past for deco items, and I’ve seen photo proof that others have received their magazines after purchasing and were happy with the service. Imo, the price is not that bad compared to others I’ve seen, and buying will not require a shopping service. She also has the third and second collab mooks listed as well, and perhaps she might also be able to get the first (you’d have to make the inquiry yourself).
        Note: This is not an official endorsement for this site from the liz-lisa tumblog, but a rather a personal recommendation from me (Emiii) since you asked specifically. We are not sponsored by Fullmoon or affiliated in any way.







                  This is Ageha speaking

                  For the ones who are wondering about where all the asks did go - I deleted them. Nothing of those was really helpful and it ended in a discussion about whether emiii reacted not nice enough or whatever.

                  If you have any personal problems with her write emiii directly or tell me about it. This is my personal blog where you can message me if you have any complains.

                  Please let this blog be a peaceful place about the love for Liz Lisa.

                  Thank you.


                  Today I uploaded a new layout. I hope you all like it!

                      sawsandar said:
                      Hello, Is there any liz-lisa size guide translated in english? Thank you.


                      Emiii - The easiest and quickest solution might be to just copy and paste the measurements into google translate or use google chrome’s page translation. I’m super sorry but I don’t have one readily available for you. If you would like to request one, perhaps one of the other mods would oblige.

                      kiki- this is the link to the official Liz Lisa size guide (in Japanese).


                      there are too many parts in it for me to translate everything, however, i thought i’d drop a little tip when you shop for stuffs at Liz Lisa.

                      on the item page, look out for this box.

                      the first circled line is サイズーSIZE, the second line is 実寸ー actual measurements.

                      Commonly used words to describe measurements

                      着丈 - length
                      B - bust
                      袖丈 - sleeve length
                      肩幅 - shoulder width

                      裾幅 - hem width
                      W(後ろ身頃ゴム) - waist (elastic band at the back)
                      H - hips
                      股下- length below crotch area
                      前股上 - length above crotch area
                      渡り幅 - width of thigh area

                      measurements are almost always in CM.

                      i hope that helped a little. =)

                      (ps. i wasnt able to answer the qn directly due to exceeding of 250 character/word limit)