Anonymous said:
    Would LL ever make clothes that are a bit bigger...? Or are they just a brand meant for petit frames such as Japanese women..? Do they have in mind to expand tgeir brand to other countries outside Japan?

    Emiii - It’s really impossible for us to say because we are not officially affiliated with the brand, and anything we say is pure speculation (*/ω\*).
    To answer your questions directly, I simply don’t know because I don’t personally have insight into that part of their company. (I wish I did, but I don’t.) (⌒_⌒;)
    If you’re asking for my personal opinion on the matter, I wouldn’t say that it’s IMPOSSIBLE for them to expand beyond free size (not just bigger but smaller as well), but it’s not necessarily what’s the norm for certain kinds of brands in Japan right now. I’m sure that VENT is aware that they have international customers that are interested in purchasing their product as they advertise Tenso’s forwarding service directly and very visibly on Tokyo Kawaii Life as an option for int’l customers. However, again, most Japanese brands/companies don’t ship overseas besides Emoda, so I’m not sure they feel the pressure to change in either area. But I could be wrong, and I do hope I am.
    Also, just noting that Japanese women (including Japanese diaspora) are not a monolith and have all sorts of different body types, and there’s nothing wrong with that. (o・・o)/ And I’ve seen beautiful women of all different sizes looking gorgeous in Liz Lisa, so I don’t think only “petite frames” are meant to wear it. 

    Ageha - As Emiii already stated we are in no way connected to the company itself so we can’t tell for sure. Main target group are mostly -as you already said- small and thin women. So I guess they won’t have larger sizes in near future. But nothing is impossible. I also hope they’ll make bigger sizes one day.
    Anyway they have some clothes that’ll also fit with bigger bust, waist or hips. You just have to check the measurements. I’m also not that small or thin but somewhat chubby. Still I fit lots of clothes and I could also wear them when I was even 10kg heavier. So it’s not a problem. You just have to ckeck each item for the size and if the fabric is also stretchy it shouldn’t be a problem.

      Anonymous said:
      Hello! Do you know if Liz Lisa uses real suede for their boots? I don't wear animals for ethical purposes and I noticed that their new boot says "Suede Knee High Boots"... I was hoping that maybe it was just "fake suede" since all my other bags and purses from them are synthetic. Can anyone confirm this? I'm kind of upset that they would use real suede for their boots since the style looks so cute...

      Emiii - Hello ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ. I was under the impression that all the leather goods were fake leather including the suede. I own a pair of “suede” pumps from Liz Lisa, and I always thought them to be faux, but I don’t know for sure because it’s somewhat difficult to distinguish real/fake suede (does anyone know a for sure way to test it?), and there are no “materials” listed for shoes. The suede in the item name probably has more to do with generally describing them. 
      Seeing as the reason you are asking is for ethical reasons, I personally don’t feel 100% comfortable telling you that they’re fake, but I don’t see why they would use faux leather for everything else and then suddenly use real leather for the “suede” shoes. But I don’t think the company uses faux leathers for ethical reasons though - it probably has more to do with the production cost. (And faux suede is cheaper than real suede so…)

      Ageha - I’m also not sure about it but I’d agree that they probably don’t use real suede. Anyway I can’t tell for sure! But I sent an inquiry asking about it.

      Can anyone else confirm? or know how to definitively differentiate real v. fake suede?

        Anonymous said:
        For the yui a kanno shoes anon who wanted to know if the Pom Pom was detachable, on ameblo Liz lisa have a new style shoe which is basically the yui kanno shoe but in different colours without the Pom Pom

        Emiii - I’ve actually been thirsting after those shoes myself (/^▽^)/ since I saw them on Chiharu in pink (and then subsequently Minami in pink and Risato in red) in the new arrival photos back in August lol. There are definitely some differences between those and the Yui Kanno collab shoes besides the fur heart though (such as the material and also presence/absence of the hearts along the back & script embroidery + the different color options). I’m sure anon thanks you for the suggestion. *⌒∇⌒*

        [Edit - wait, wait, I think you’re talking about an anon that asked me a question on my personal blog….??]

        菅野結以ちゃん コラボ商品

        菅野結以ちゃん コラボ商品

            Anonymous said:
            Wtf is happening with the shop ? I went to the coat page and there are only two coats available ... I hope they will update soon ! Do you know when they update it ? (I mean; monday? tuesday?...) And what about the mail of 90% promo ? I didn't understand it ...

            Emiii - Hello (^▽^)! I looked at the website last night and just now and nothing seems out of the ordinary to me (・_・ヾ. Do you have a link to the page you’re talking about? The outer page has a number of listings here. It’s usually updated around Friday night in Japan - so basically they just updated it.
            About the 90% off - Ageha and lolitina were able to help out with that in a previous ask here. The email has the best specifics, but basically (I believe) if you spent 50,000yen worth of current AW14 product (Liz Lisa item no. starting with 142) during the specified time period (“9/17(水)19:00 - 9/19(金)10:00まで”), then you will later get sent a link to a section of the webshop/outlet that will be up to 90% off. (Please note that the time period has passed.)
            [Someone please correct me if I’m wrong (‘◇’)?]

              Anonymous said:
              Do you know when new LIZLISA items will be available in TKL ? I want to see the 2014 fall/winter collection TT^TT

              Ageha - There are already lots of A/W items. Just check their shop. These days they seem to update it weekly.

              Emiii - P.S. here is a link to the web shop. click


                  yes hello princesses! I looked through the tags but couldn't find the answer to this, so sorry! But on the website of Liz Lisa there's a new happy bag, and would you guys know what the contents would be?? uvu Thank you for answering!!


                  Ageha - We had a similar message a while ago. Take a look here. It seems like everything is autumn/winter content.

                  Emiii - actually….If you’re talking about the 5000 bag, I saw another reveal where the buyer received spring items! So it really is a surprise (*^^*)



                    Liz Lisa shoes

                    My beloved Liz Lisa boots