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April 20 2014, 6am ...4 hours ago

Shoppingservice May


Hello everyone!

This is Ageha. For all the European followers out there I’m offering a shopping service for Liz Lisa in May!
It’s Europe only since otherwise it would be too expensive for everyone!

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April 18 2014, 11am ...1 day ago

I was wondering what size M and L are equivalent in USA sizes? There's alot of sizing charts floating around for it but I'm not sure how accurate they are!

Emiii - for shoes right? The best thing is to check the listed measurements in the listing. Because pretty much no one on here can agree about it. [if it helps, and it probably doesn’t because there’s someone who will negate this, I’m a US size 7 and just very very barely don’t fit size M but solidly fit L]

April 18 2014, 8am ...2 days ago

Thank you for helping me, and so quickly too! I also thought the shop seemed a bit fishy, and even though she sent me some pictures of the supposed item, she won't send me any of the tags. So I think I'll take your advice, play it safe, and wait til I can visit an actual Liz Lisa store. :) For the record, I think it's completely justified to be wary of people shipping from China; I'm Chinese/Taiwanese American and still feel that way from bad experiences.

Emiii - xxwhite-rabbitxx. No problem. We definitely want to try to help people enjoy and buy the brand! Perhaps maybe you’d want to buy from the actual webshop? Some of the items that that person had listed seem to sold out though. Thanks for understanding about that comment. I really didn’t mean for it to be offensive (I’m Chinese American as well lol), but I think I just tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to buying authentic from there, although really I’m picky about everywhere haha.

Edit: I just realized this barbiendolly person has a tumblr account…

April 17 2014, 8pm ...2 days ago

Hi! I was wondering if you'd happen to know whether or not the Liz Lisa items ebay user barbiendolly sells are authentic? Thank you!

Emiii - xxwhite-rabbitxx I really can’t say 100% one way or the other because I don’t personally know this person or anyone who has bought from them, so to straightforwardly answer your question - I do not happen to know whether or not the “Liz Lisa” items ebay user barbieendolly sells are authentic.
But here are my personal thoughts on the matter -

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