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How to order online

How to order overseas / I live in _*place that is not Japan*_, how do I order from Liz Lisa?

Liz Lisa/Tokyo Kawaii Life (the official online shop) does not ship outside of Japan. You will need a shopping service or a forwarding service (such as Tenso) to order online.

Here is a detailed video & a photo/text tutorial for first time buyers. (Created by emiii-chan)

If you live in/near Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau, you may have a Liz Lisa store location near you. Please check out the list of store locations in the last tab here.

MARUQ may also be an option if you don’t mind the prices, want a site in English and prefer not to use a shipping service as they will ship internationally. (Please note that they also sell other brands under the “Liz Lisa” tag such as Tralala and Liz Lisa Doll, so be aware of what you are purchasing.)

Please also see answered asks #how to order

If you have a question about TKL’s point system, please check out this answered ask!

What is Liz Lisa sizing like? (clothing and shoes)

Liz Lisa clothing comes in “free size”. Shoes come in S, M, L. Please see each listing’s individual measurements to determine if the item will fit you since how the item is designed often creates variation. If you’re still not sure about the size you can also ask about a certain item. Maybe someone can help you.

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What are fukubukuro and how can I get one?

Fukubukuro are new year’s lucky packs. The items in the bag are sold for a greatly reduced price, often 50% of the retail value, and the bag is a great extra as well. The catch is that you don’t know exactly what the contents will be!
They are usually available in Liz Lisa stores on January 1st or 2nd (please check with the store you are planning on visiting for specifics). Pre-orders are also available online from Tokyo Kawaii Life (the official online shop) starting around December 1. For the most up-to-date information about online releases, please sign up for Tokyo Kawaii Life emails!
If you have questions about purchasing online, please see “How to order online or overseas” above. The difference with the pre-order is that your items will not ship until the specified release date around Jan 1.

Where can I get _*this item*_? It’s not available/sold out/it’s from a past season/other excuse. OR Where can I buy items similar to those that Liz Lisa sells but not from Liz Lisa because of reasons?

If the item is sold out at, consider checking the Rakuten store or Shibuya 109 webshop.

We are not experts in “where you can buy ‘Liz Lisa’, or items similar to Liz Lisa, but not from Liz Lisa” and should not be held responsible for the quality of the items or service you receive if you insist on buying elsewhere. We do not personally endorse any of the options listed in this section but are providing the information due to repeated interest.
As a fair warning, please be aware that replicas/fakes of Liz Lisa items do exist, and the quality is known to match the cheaper price. Please also note that while we do give advice when asked, we are not experts at identifying replicas, and you should make your own determination about whether you trust the seller yourself.
If you insist on supporting another business rather than buy directly from the webshop, past suggestions have been to look for replicas on taobao, storenvy or eBay. There are also a number of China-based online shops that sell “similar” content.
If you would prefer to try buy authentic but at a cheaper price and previously-owned, try yahoo jp! auctions or mbok, both of which will require a shopping service. You may also try your luck at the gyaru-sales lj but, again, please be wary of sketchy sellers or scammers.
Popular suggestions for physical store locations where you might find “similar” (aka floral/girly) items are Forever21, Charlotte Russe and Rue21, but there are a plethora of stores that sell girly clothing so you shouldn’t feel limited by these and just use a keen eye when shopping.

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When will _*this item/collection*_ be released online?

Liz Lisa does not have a schedule posted for the online release dates of all their items. Often big, new releases (such as the Liz Lisa x My Melody collabs) in store will coincide with online releases but there isn’t anything that solidly announces that except in Tokyo Kawaii Life emails. Please sign up for TKL emails for the most up-to-date information about the online shop!
General new releases are added to the site on Saturdays (Japan time). Sometimes they coincide with the in-store releases, and sometimes they are delayed a week or two.
Other than that, we don’t know any more than you do if you receive the emails, and any answers we give can only be speculation - not fact.

Is this item a replica or authentic?

An item is only guaranteed to be authentic if you are buying directly from the Official Webshop (at or from a Liz Lisa store (locations listed here). If you do not trust a secondhand seller/other retailer to tell you the truth, please not to buy/support them!

From the Tokyo Kawaii Life FAQ page:


Products that are sold in auction sites or other or would be real?
With respect to sales of the brand product of auction sites and mail order sites that are not in the regular handling, confirmation of whether real or fake, not able to follow the responsibility and security of all in us.
In addition, the site of particularly overseas, malicious contractor falsely with the brand, sells similar products can be seen in recent years. But we’re working on investigation and enforcement of such malicious business in our company, but to have you be careful on your own, thank you.

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