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March 29 2014, 8am ...3 weeks ago

For the new on going lizlisa lucky bag, are there 2 kinds of bag with different combinations in each? What are the chance of getting of getting the same contents if I buy 2?

Ageha - That’s the pont of a lucky bag. You never know what’s inside. So it’s a 50:50 chance I guess.

March 28 2014, 8am ...3 weeks ago

Are the Liz Lisa 12th Anniversary Fair sets only in-store only? :(

Ageha - I don’t know which exactly you are talking about but those special fair offers are usually in-store only. At least I never saw anything like this online.

Emiii - If I understand what you’re talking about (like the ones advertised on Liz Lisa’s fb),

they’re typically individual limited items/clothes per individual store anniversaries/special events so you’d need a shopping service to order. I was highly considering hiring one to get the Hiroshima anni OP because I quite like it! Hope this helps

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