Liz Lisa Early Autumn Collection: Notes x Flower Pattern (音符×花柄)

Onepiece & Skirt





              Anonymous said:
              Hiya, I was wondering if there is any way possible to order something from liz-lisa from the uk. I really love the liz-lisa clothing range, I think it is so cute and well made so I would love to own some clothing from your range ^-^

              Ageha - We already got lots of questions like that. So please take a look at the FAQ: How to order overseas.

              Emiii - Hello! Just FYI, as it says in the sidebar, image “This is a Liz Lisa fan tumblr”, so we are not affiliated with the brand itself although all the mods that help run this blog have a lot of interest in it.
              Also available in the sidebar is the FAQ! image

              Right at the top is this Q & A:

              How to order overseas / I live in _*place that is not Japan*_, how do I order from Liz Lisa?

              Liz Lisa/Tokyo Kawaii Life (the official online shop) does not ship outside of Japan. You will need a shopping service or a forwarding service (such as Tenso) to order online.
              Here is a detailed video & a photo/text tutorial for first time buyers. (Created by emiii-chan)

              If you live in/near Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau, you may have a Liz Lisa store location near you. Please check out the list of store locations in the last tab here.

              MARUQ may also be an option if you don’t mind the prices, want a site in English and prefer not to use a shipping service as they will ship internationally. (Please note that they also sell other brands under the “Liz Lisa” tag such as Tralala and Liz Lisa Doll, so be aware of what you are purchasing.)

              Please also see answered asks #how to order

              Hope this helps, and thank you for your interest in the brand!

                ruu-shii said:
                Hello! I was wondering if you guys know where I could find a "Liz Lisa Curler." I've been searching but couldn't find it anywhere :( or on the Liz Lisa website, if you know where I could find one that would be great! Thank you. ^^

                Emiii - I believe the item about which you are inquiring was a past novelty item (?) and they will probably not be selling it on the online shop at all. You can try checking yahoo jp auctions and similar websites where you would be able to buy it from someone who received it in the past and is willing to sell it, but as it’s not a recent novelty item, it may be harder to find. Good luck!

                  Anonymous said:
                  I know of a shibuya109 staff that has IG hers is @akaikumin

                  Emiii - Hi :). Yes, as I mentioned in the previous ask, there are definitely other LL shop staff on IG, but Minami and Chiharu are the only LL Gals (that the anon specifically asked about) that I know of with accounts. Thank you!!