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April 5 2014, 2am ...1 week ago

I don't know if it's just me being paranoid or if it's always like this? When the online shop updates their newest items, I browse random items and I noticed some pieces (that I would never thought of to be really popular instantly when released online) are all sold out? Is this some kind of glitch/error in the webshop or once it says "Coming soon" next to the colorway, it's actually sold out?

Emiii - It depends which items you’re talking about and your personal gauge on what would be popular. It might be the case (this is just a guess) that certain items they hype on the blogs make buyers anticipate the listing and want to buy it immediately. Or perhaps they only manufacture a certain number of stock for some items depending on how they think it will be received.
Many of the collab items (such as the constellation OP with Yui Kanno, the LLxMM OP and the Popteen dress), I personally gauge as highly popular based on crooz blog entries and I know they may in fact be sold out by the time I wake up (bc of the time difference) because of how limited in number but highly promoted they are. 
Or, you’re right, it might be a glitch. They often release new items at around 12-4AM my time, so I am not often online during the new arrivals listings unless I specifically make it a point to be and don’t typically see what you’re talking about because of that. The My Melody OP though, I know from experience, said Coming Soon and then sold out within 5 minutes. I don’t know if you thought that was going to unpopular, but let me tell you, I knew it would be hard to get unless you were online at the right time.

April 5 2014, 1am ...1 week ago

Does Liz Lisa sell long skirts? Like just a tiny bit above the knee or longer? Also I'm tall, like 5'8". Does Liz Lisa have things that would fit my height?

Ageha - I’m even taller than you. Around 5’10”. And I also own lots of Liz Lisa’s stuff. Usually I wear layers like one-piece, skirt, lace pants or something. It depends on what I wear (You can check my blog about outfit posts). As Emiii says, there are many longer skirts now. So there’s no problem. Also they usually sell maxi dresses or not-so-short-dresses during spring and summer.

Emiii - To the chagrin of many petite girls, but perhaps to your pleasure, Spring 2014 was full of “longer” skirts that might interest you although the models aren’t all at 5’8” necessarily so you should check each individual skirt’s measurements in the listing.

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